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My Ramadan Moon in the Room



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Looking for a FUN way to engage your children for Ramadan? Look no found My Ramadan Moon in the Room

Ramadan Moons around the world are on a mission to engage children in the time-honored traditions of Ramadan by creating a joyful and fun-filled experience for the entire family! 

Includes: Book & Plush Set, Keepsake Box, Mission Cards, Good Deeds Chart, Eidvelopes (styles vary), Sticker Set, all packaged inside a Drawstring Backpack. 

Makes the IDEAL Ramadan Gift!



Begin by gathering your family to read the book. After you have named your Ramadan Moon, complete the Official Certificate at the end of the book and welcome your moon into your family. While children sleep, Ramadan Moons like to hide. Just as scholars search the skies for the moon, children can search their homes for their very own Ramadan Moon in the Room. 

Included: 10"x10" Hardcover Book, 9" Plush Moon, Keepsake Box



The My Ramadan Moon in the Room MISSION PACK features 30 Mission Cards, each containing a passage from the Quran in both Arabic and English translation, a child-friendly explanation, and an activity designed to reinforce the lesson. 

For more fun, reference the included suggested hiding places card to hide your moon in locations inspired by the daily lessons/activities.

This addition to the My Ramadan Moon in the Room Book & Plush Set* is the perfect way to engage the entire family with Islamic teachings and time-honored traditions this Ramadan.  

Included: 30 Mission Cards, 1 Hiding Suggestions Card



Designed to encourage children to actively participate in the traditions of Ramadan, the My Ramadan Moon in the Room GOOD DEEDS CHART allows children to place a sticker on the chart each day they perform a good deed.

Children will gain a sense of pride with every good deed star they place on their calendar, reinforcing the positive feelings associated with helping others and pleasing Allah. 

Chart measures: 16"x12" closed and 16"x24" open. Included inside are 50 removable stickers. 



Eidi, often money, is a gift traditionally given to children on the holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. This year, gift your Eidi in a My Ramadan Moon in the Room EIDVELOPE

Each pack contains 10 Eidvelopes measuring approximately 6.5" x 3.5" with self-adhesive glue strips for easy closure.

Eight different festive designs sure to delight the little ones in your life!

Included: 10 Eidvelopes of 1 Design (styles vary)



The My Ramadan Moon in the Room STICKER SET features 3 unique sheets of fun and festive stickers. Let My Ramadan Moon in the Room’s joyful illustrations come to life as your children decorate Ramadan cards, sadaqah jars, and more with these brightly colored stickers. 

Included: 1 Pack of 3 Unique Sticker Sheets



My Ramadan Moon in the Room's double-sided, nylon drawstring BACKPACK is perfect for gifting, storing, or toting your moon around! Sized to fit all your My Ramadan Moon in the Room gear!

Backpack measures approximately 15" wide x 19" long. 

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