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My Ramadan Moon in the Room

Book & Plush Set

Book & Plush Set

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Looking for a FUN way to engage your children for Ramadan? Look no found My Ramadan Moon in the Room BOOK & PLUSH SET

Ramadan Moons around the world are on a mission to engage children in the time-honored traditions of Ramadan by creating a joyful and fun-filled experience for the entire family!

Begin by gathering your family to read the book. After you have named your Ramadan Moon, complete the Official Certificate at the end of the book and welcome your moon into your family. While children sleep, Ramadan Moons like to hide. Just as scholars search the skies for the moon, children can search their homes for their very own Ramadan Moon in the Room. 

Included: 10"x10" Hardcover Book, 9" Plush Moon, Keepsake Box

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